The Rise of China as a Financial Power
“The Rise of China as a Financial Power”[2013-12-02]
" In recent year, the European banking industry suffered heavy losses due to European debt crisis, and the profit before tax sharply reduced; the U.S. banking industry continuously revived with stable performance; while China’s banking industry became the highland of profits, and there were 103 Chine...more>>
Reinterpret China Model
“Reinterpret China Model”[2013-12-02]
" It’s a good thing that the upsurge of debates centering on “China Model” has gradually cooled, and it contributes to examining China’s current development from a more rational angle of view. We may simply review the debates. The supporting party believes that “China Model” has its specificity,...more>>
Choice of Open Market Operation Instruments of China
“Choice of Open Market Operation Instruments of China”[2005-12-06]
" The report closely encircles the subject of the selection principle of operating tools in China open markets, the selecting foundation and criteria and how to select the operating tools in transitional open markets. The report begins with the research of operating theory and transmitting mechanism a...more>>
Coordination of Monetary Policies and Fiscal Policies
“Coordination of Monetary Policies and Fiscal Policies”[2013-04-22]
" In our country, with the increasing of economy marketization and opening degree, monetary policy and fiscal policy also has been in the process of dynamic change. Especially after the Asian financial crisis, on the background that our country’s saving exceeds investment in a long period, the connot...more>>
Constituionalism and China
“Constituionalism and China”[2006-04-08]
" In 1978, China entered into a new era of "reform and opening up”, in which four strategic transformations began to take place."Taking class struggle as the key link" gave way to economic construction as the central task; isolation was replaced by opening up to the outside world; plan...more>>


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