Longer holidays will boost economy
“Longer holidays will boost economy”[2019-04-08]
" During the two sessions held last month, top lawmakers and advisers proposed longer national public holidays.They said the public holidays that China currently has are not long enough to enjoy some leisure activities, such as traveling and going home to visit family. Hence, they proposed to extend t...more>>
No dogs community, is it workable?
“No dogs community, is it workable?”[2019-03-01]
" A developer in Yuncheng city, North China's Shanxi province, reportedly requires all buyers to sign a contract promising not to raise dogs when they buy a property in one of its residential developments. Liu Yuanju, a researcher at Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law, comments:Despite the wide con...more>>
Renting cars for holiday travel becomes a trend in China
“Renting cars for holiday travel becomes a tr...”[2019-01-31]
" It's estimated that the demand for carrentals will increase by 40 percent this year, according to China Auto Rental,one of the biggest car renting companies in China. This is despite what couldbe a fourfold price rise during this hectic period. Last year, nearly 70 percent of all thosewho rented ca...more>>
China's "single economy" provides business opportunities
“China's "single economy" provide...”[2019-01-31]
" While a rising number of single peopleworry their Chinese parents, the demographic shift has become a businessopportunity for retailers and service providers. Cui Sha, 33, works in a training agency inBeijing. Like many singles who live alone and have a large disposable incomeand willingness to spen...more>>
Shanghai seeks digital upgrade
“Shanghai seeks digital upgrade”[2018-08-23]
" Shanghai has demonstrated its determinationto accelerate its digital push and outrank peer cities in the digital economythrough two major agreements with Chinese internet giants. By teaming up with Alibaba Group HoldingLtd and Tencent Holdings Ltd on a number of new tech applications, themunicipal g...more>>
Bike-sharing schemes: Flourishing or running riot?
“Bike-sharing schemes: Flourishing or ru...”[2017-06-13]
" Almost one hundred Chinese cities, fromBeijing to Lhasa, now have bike-sharing schemes. The bikes, clad in variouscolours, have GPS trackers and can be unlocked simply by scanning a barcode onthe frame with your phone. Some can even be reserved via a phone app.Zhu Dajian, director of the Sustainable...more>>
Capital's Plan for Hukou Revamp 'Will Raise Cost of Living'
“Capital's Plan for Hukou Revamp 'Wil...”[2015-12-19]
" A proposed points system that the capital's government is considering using when giving permanent resident status to migrants will push up living costs by attracting high earners while driving away less-skilled workers, an expert has said.Beijing's government released a draft plan on December 10 tha...more>>
The government still need more measures to comprehensively implement second-child policy
“The government still need more measures to c...”[2015-12-09]
" The passing of the Amendment for the Population and Family Planning of the Peoples’ Republic of China in the executive meeting by the State Council recently means the much concerned second-child policy is about to be implemented. It has become the focus of both the society and the academic circle a...more>>
Experts call for amendments to car-hailing regulation
“Experts call for amendments to car-hailing r...”[2015-11-10]
" A dozen experts strongly disapprove of China's draft regulation on online car-hailing services, claiming that the rules may dampen the emerging industry, according to their proposal to the State Council on Thursday.The experts believed that the draft regulation has serious flaws and should be rewrit...more>>
Could the United State become “the world’s factory” again?
“Could the United State become “the world’s...”[2015-10-20]
" In recent years, the manufacturing industry in the United State tends to be powerful for resurgence with a further promotion of energy revolution and maturity of technologies that could change the industry deeply like 3D print, etc. Some reports even estimated that the cost difference between China ...more>>


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